Meronpan is the name of a Mexican musician. On social media, he is known as 94, and he enjoys drawing. Despite her Mexican roots, she adores Japanese culture and heritage.

Meronpan is a project in which the artist illustrates other people’s pets and other cute creatures, most of which are set in Japanese settings. Each illustration follows the same procedure: pencil sketching, inking, water colouring, and digital editing.

“I began my project Meronpan in October 2019, and I chose this name to reflect my cultural diversity, as meronpan is a Japanese melon-flavored bread that resembles Mexican concha bread. Again, producing bread necessitates a number of steps that must be completed correctly in order to produce a high-quality product, just like my illustrations,” the artist explained.

“For years, I’ve been a realism artist, mostly working with graphite pencils or charcoals, but I wanted to try something different! It’s been challenging at times to try new techniques, but Meronpan has been a lot of fun to work with. “Illustrating animals and other people’s pets, most of them in Japanese scenarios, has made my life cuter,” the artist said.

The artist is ecstatic to learn about various species from around the world. She also gets pet requests, and it’s because of these people that her portfolio keeps expanding, getting cuter, and she’s able to support herself! She is also grateful to all who has entrusted her with creating custom illustrations of their pets.

“Creating all of these adorable animal drawings, as well as animating some of them, has been a lot of fun! I made the decision to start drawing and painting stuff that make me and others happy. “I’m really inspired to keep creating these adorable drawings and bringing joy to everyone,” she said.

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