My 13 Comics About An Alligator That Prove That Everyone’s Special


I made a comic to prove that alligators can be good friends as well. Alligators have a frightening appearance: a long muzzle, sharp teeth, and a powerful and frightening tail. Alligators, on the

Everyone is born unique; if we think positively, it can be something beautiful. Simultaneously, if we think negatively, we will experience negative consequences. We still have the option to choose.

In this comic, you’ll meet a new alligator, one who is wet and sweet. I’m going to name him “Buddy Gator.” Perhaps we could all use a buddy like him.

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#1 Ice-Cream Time

#2 Make Your Wish

#3 Knitting Is Caring

#4 Present

#5 Have A Lift

#6 Romantic Night

#7 Calm Down

#8 The Swing

#9 Surprise

#10 Storing Food

#11 Rainy Day

#12 I Look After You, You Look After Me

#13 Sharing Is Caring