My 16 Comics To Prove The Great Outdoors Is Not For Everyone


We go to the great outdoors to recharge our batteries, appreciate nature’s beauty, and… well, let’s face it. Some of us are true indoor cats who must remain indoors and leave the outdoors to the professionals.

I’m a combination of executive, ex-spy, puppy lover, cowgirl, strategy guru, and culture promoter. “Downeast’r,” “Drummies,” and “The Client” are just a few of the successful regular comic strips I’ve written. I’m a five-time national Keith L. Ware award winner, as well as a former editorial cartoonist who has illustrated countless commission pieces for Fortune 1000 and high-level public figures. I’ve been quietly building a loyal following, and I’d love for you to join us!

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#1 Decisions

#2 Bait

#3 Escape

#4 Karen

#5 Staying Safe

#6 Xing

#7 Appreciate the view

#8 Hold my Beer

#9 Too quiet

#10 Flying Lures

#11 Bored at the park

#12 Incoming

#13 Fish in a Barrel

#14 Scat

#15 My best Rope

#16 Taco Tuesday

The End.