My 20 Comics Showing The Backstory Of Popular Animal Pictures


Since I was a child, I’ve been interested by nature. I used to be curious in how a photograph of an animal was taken whenever I came across one. So it occurred to me one morning that I might utilize my penchant for doodling to construct a meaningful history for these images. And I haven’t looked back since!

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I’d always looked for comic strips in the newspaper as a kid, and that’s how I came across Garfield. I’d go to my local library and rent all of the Garfield editions, which I’d read again and over. Then, more recently, on Instagram, I discovered Poorly Drawn Lines and Sarah Anderson Comics, both of which I like.



These were the catalysts for me to begin creating comics. At first, I exclusively drew amusing cartoons with animals as the main characters since I found it simpler to express myself with them. I started drawing healthy comics as a way to get away from all of my anxieties in these troubling times. I enjoy wildlife photography and wanted to include it into my comics in some way so that I could also promote these amazing wildlife photographers who go to such lengths to capture the ideal moment.



I usually browse Instagram and Pinterest for photos and save the ones that attract my eye. Then I stare at the image for a while, trying to come up with other backstories. I aim to keep the stories clean and upbeat, with a positive message. Once I’ve figured out the dialogues, it takes me about 2-3 hours to draw a comic.



I used to post on Instagram every day, but now I just post every other day. I don’t get burned out easily since the creative process of drawing comics is my getaway from the actual world and a way for me to express myself. I don’t get demotivated very often. I feel I have a creative talent to produce stories that will last indefinitely, even if I do not! I like how I can come up with a story and then convert it into a comic. I want to draw them all! There are so many stories to tell!