My 20 Heartwarming And Wholesome Comics About A Shy Sheep Fighting To Overcome Insecurities


Marengo Lambert is a shy sheep that is trying to overcome his fears; come along on his voyage to help him gain confidence!

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Cats have always been a source of joy for me. They alleviated the sadness.


It was very difficult for me to get out of bed early, and when I did, this would occur.


I’d like to think that we all have something to be proud of, no matter how insignificant.


Unless anything like this happened, they were always a treasure.


I still spent my nights like way, despite their furious rejections and claims to my belongings.


My self-control was all over the place, and I found myself in this scenario on occasion.


Although the combination of social anxiety and depression is harmful, I wanted to illustrate that people were not alone.


Unfortunately, being shy came with its share of bullying. I needed someone to talk to at times, and this sensation would prevent me from doing so.


I realized as I grew older that I had never truly followed my dreams.


I realized as I grew older that I had never truly followed my dreams.


I wanted to focus on the difficulties of being shy when I started these cartoons. One of them would be this.


I’ve been known to stay in bed till late in the afternoon on occasion. When it happens, I feel like I’ve squandered an entire day. But I’ve discovered that a little kindness and empathy goes a long way.


I felt that minor things like this would hold me back while I was attempting to meet new acquaintances.


I continued to seek for self-improvement as time passed. However, without friends, this can be difficult.


I was easily drained by society, no matter how hard I tried.