My 30 Wholesome And Not-So-Wholesome Comics About Mental Health And Relationships


My mental health concerns, my gorgeous partner (Prithvi), and my really supportive parent are all included in these comics (Bharathi). It’s important to be upbeat, but it’s also important to acknowledge the negative aspects of depression, anxiety, BPD, and trauma recovery.

I started making these comics around two years ago, and the followers of my page have been so kind and supportive. If I can make even one person out there feel a little less alone in their battle with mental health or bring a smile on their face for half a second, then I think my art is on the right path.

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I began writing fiction as a means of escapism, but soon abandoned it. I believe that making autobiographical comics is so much more satisfying since I’m not trying to escape my life with this medium; instead, I’m translating my happy, sad, and humorous experiences into comics.



A comic takes roughly 3 to 4 hours to make. If it’s an animated item, it’ll take a little longer to complete.

I’m excited to report that the first book of my comic collection is now available for pre-order.



My comics have really aided me in coping with my mental health issues by allowing me to focus on the positive aspects of my life while also allowing me to navigate through my gloomy days.

And I hope that when people see my comics, they will feel less alone or that it will brighten their day for a brief while.


























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