My Comic Guide On How To Handle Gender Expectations As A Parent


I’m a regular Singaporean salary otter who enjoys creating material on family, psychology, and, most importantly, understanding one another.

My wife and I had a serious discussion about ourselves and our son, as well as how to raise him. At the end of the day, a small alteration in perspective can have a significant impact on our children’s lives.

We create an environment where the next generation can be themselves and love themselves when we focus on who they are rather than society’s expectations.

We’re frequently told that we should have empathy, but we can only use it if we fully grasp how people see the world from various perspectives. I drew on personal experiences, chats with friends, and smart articles to produce a more nuanced and measured cartoon for the Gender Expectations post. This has no agenda; it’s simply about recognising the difficulties we all endure as a result of gender norms and figuring out ways to alleviate them.

The End.