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Not All Women Want Kids and This Artist Illustrates Why It’s OK


By: Kate McDonough

Have you ever tried to figure out, why teenagers or women are proclaiming that they don’t want kids? Well, we all are so busy taunting them or bullying them, that we don’t have enough time to know about the probable reasons. ‘Me? No, I don’t want kids,’ is the response of a lot of women, when it comes to parenthood. In the past few years, the birth rate has been declined by about 15% in teenagers and women of twenties plus. These women are electing to opt out of parenthood. But in our society, or almost in all societies, the women who don’t want to bear a child are considered as shallow or selfish women.

We don’t even bother to know the true reason for that, we just keep criticizing them. So, to understand, why many teenagers and women are deteriorating against parenthood, we have consulted many young people about this taboo, and they implored many reasons. The most obvious, popular, and the emerging issue was money. Some people said that when you even have student loans, children are not financially practicable in these situations. Many people claimed to be afraid of student debt. And others have mentioned the financial issues of bearing a child.

Youth were afraid of the medical bills of giving birth to the child, and to bear their financial expenses for their entire life. Some people are financially so unstable that they can hardly bear their expenses. So, it became so unfeasible to own a child and to bear their expenses and bills for their entire life. Many women have a desire for a kid, but they are afraid of their life. these women doubt themselves if they can provide a good life to their kids, they deserve it or not.

So, Kate McDonough is one of such women who don’t want kids. She bought out these comics to direct her true feeling. She has illustrated her life experience and the response of society to her thoughts in these comics. She told us that we must listen to our hearts and trust ourselves no matter want society says about us. In these comics, you are going to realize that not all women want kids and this artist Illustrates why it’s OK!

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1# I don’t want kids, and it’s okay

When one woman says that she doesn’t want kids, it means she is not prepared for it, she has not made up her mind to own her kid, and she has not the potential to bear a kid. And it is okay, not to want kids.

2# Kids change your life entirely

In this comic, you can see that the artist has expressed herself, her true thoughts, and her experience. Whenever do people ask her if she wants kids? She usually replies that no, I don’t want kids. But those people seemed to be unhappy with her thoughts. They used to convince her that a kid can change her life entirely. But she knows herself more than anybody else. and she never wanted to change the motto of her life by bearing a kid.

3# I never changed my mind

The artist has mentioned that when she was only three years old, she told her mother that she doesn’t want kids. As we all know that at this age you are also a very kid, and this is the age to play with dolls and toys, but the artist has made the most important decision of her life. She has made up her mind that she doesn’t want kids.

But when the artist turned twenty, her mother asked her if she had changed her mind. But the artist told her that she still doesn’t want kids.

4# Not everyone knows everything

Whenever anybody talks about the kids with the artist, she was always comfortable saying that she doesn’t want kids. As this world isn’t always a nice place to live for everyone. She is scared to own a kid because of the cruelty of this world. But nobody seemed satisfied after hearing her decisions.

5# Society always discouraged me

In this illustration, the artist has expressed the response of society upon her decision. She was always disappointed by society. Sometimes, society criticizes her or sometimes disappoints her. They used to tell her that one day she will change her mind, and she would be a great mother.

6# We should trust ourselves

We should always trust ourselves. We should have faith in ourselves. If you have made any decision, stick to it. There are some decisions in our lives, that are owned only by us. Nobody has any right to criticize us for our choices. It’s your life, and it should be owned by you.

7# Parenthood is natural, you can’t acquire it

Not all women need to be preprogrammed with motherly instincts. And it is a natural phenomenon, nobody can acquire it. If you have not the instincts of motherhood, you would not be able to gain it in the same natural way. The artist illustrated that she had never felt maternal instincts. It has always been awkward and anxious for her. Even though she has tried her level best to change her mind and feel the motherhood in herself but she has never felt it.

8# Societal expectations

The worst part of anybody’s life is the social expectations. Society expects us to be just like them. They expect an ideal personality in us. But we are human, we are meant to make mistakes. It has always been very frustrating for the artist.

9# I never wanted to disappoint my kid

This world is full of unwanted kids. There are a lot of kids that are homeless and are spending a miserable life. the artist doesn’t want to increase this ratio. She wants to support the kids that already exist on this planet and are ignored. This world is so busy raising their kids that they ignore the kids that are suffering from the cruelty of this world.

10# I don’t want my kids, but I like them

Every woman who doesn’t want kids has her reasons. Some have fertility issues, some have financial issues, and others have future issues. Some women don’t see any kid when they imagine their future. But it doesn’t mean that they hate kids. There is a huge difference between not wanting them or hating them.

11# I want to make a difference

The artist has a mind to make a difference in this world. She wants to support those homeless and unwanted kids without raising her kid.

12# Your life decisions are in your hands

Nowadays, many women are choosing a child-free life. But this is their own choice. We have no right to criticize them for not bearing a kid. These women might have dozens of reasons for not bearing a child, and we need to understand it. They are not selfish; they are just afraid for their kid’s life. They have a fear that what would happen if they couldn’t provide a good life to their kids that they deserve.

13# We have no right to criticize others

Some women have some sort of mental illness and they are afraid that it might be inherited by their kids. They don’t want to put the life of their kids in the same painful place, from which they have once suffered.

These women think that they can prevent their kids from these kinds of illnesses by not giving birth to them. Their struggle from depression or anxiety has been so scary that they want to save everyone from these sorts of sufferings. They don’t want to bring a child into this miserable and devastating world. They say that the population of this world is already increasing to alarming levels. And there are so many unwanted children in this world, that they don’t want to increase this ratio. They claim that if they ever needed a kid, they will adopt one, instead of increasing the population.