Pawsitively Precious: Artist Draws Comic About His Dog’s Knee Surgery


The founder of @okbluecomics, a line of adorable and wholesome comics all drawn in blue, recently posted a more personal webcomic with his dog, Korbin.
Korbin, my dog, was running to the house from the back yard about a year ago when he made a peculiar yelp and began limping.We were taken to the vet and given some medicine before being sent on our way. We brought it up again, but this time the goal was to prevent him from playing with his sibling and reduce his operation… It didn’t help with the limp.

We could have stopped the arthritis if we had gotten to it earlier, according to the vet…

The surgery went well, so we wanted to give him a stuff avocado toy to play with and his jammies to snuggle in when he got home. He’s doing good now, and his cone will be removed on Thursday! While there is still some healing to be done, he is doing well and responding well to the at-home therapy!

The jammies helped prevent my other three dogs from licking his leg; he doesn’t often wear them, but if they’re out, he’ll try to slip his head into them. He seems a bit loopy in this photo because he was taken right after anaesthesia.

Check out the story’s wholesome comic below! For more wholesome and related content, follow @okbluecomics on Instagram!

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The jammies were worn so that the other dogs didn’t lick his surgical site… He wouldn’t if he didn’t wear the cone. He’s a lot more cheerful now that he’s on the rebound!