People Are Submitting Pics Where Their Dogs Look Like Something Else And It’s Very Entertaining (30 Pics)


We spend so much time with our finest four-legged companions that we don’t always notice the obvious. What if you’ve been duped the whole time, and your little doggo dog is a carbon copy of Freddie Mercury, Baby Yoda, or the Grinch?

For the new #LookAlikeChallenge, members of the popular Facebook group The Dogspotting Society are uploading photos of their best dogs and ladies. The challenge has already attracted

4.4K participants, and the results are hilarious. Who’d have guessed that dogs could have so many different faces?

These dogs are full-on doppelgangers of the canine world, resembling a completely different animal and looking like a cartoon character, to pulling the look of a Korean boy band and personifying a meme itself. So go ahead and vote for your favorites, and don’t forget to check out the other wholesome Dogspotting challenges here (#SmilingDogChallenge), here (#GuiltyDogChallenge), and here (# DidntWantADogchallenge).

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#1 Toothless

#2 Dobby And Bella

#3 Sid

the owner of Bowie, a 4-year-old Italian greyhound who is the look-alike of Sid. Forest’s post on #LookAlikeChallenge went viral, attracting 4.4k likes and expressions. “Bowie is the most ridiculous dog I have ever encountered and I’m a groomer of 2 decades so I meet a lot of dogs.”

“Bowie gets ‘Sid the sloth’ everywhere he goes, and whenever I post pictures on social media,” says Bowie. With that large derpy nose, lengthy neck, and crazy-looking teeth, it never fails.” Bowie, according to Forest, has an endless supply of silly looks, can smile on command, and can leap unimaginably high.

#4 So Fluffy

#5 Look Away

#6 Stevie Nyx Gives The Meanest Stink Eye Of All Time. For Lots Of Different Reasons. This Time She Was Tired Of Me Taking Pics. She Hates The Paparazzi

#7 You All Said It Here First Hairrison Furd

#8 I Am Told That Aadi Looks Like Scrat All The Time. If Anything, I Think Scrat Looks Like Aardi

#9 Kuzco The Porg

#10 Brother From Another Mother

#11 Falkor

#12 Basher Looks Like Snoop When He Wears His Hoodie

#13 Two Legged Maggie May

#14 Got That Look

#15 Krystoff Looks Like Richard Gere

#16 Titan The Husky Shark

#17 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

#18 Puffy And Comfy

#19 Little Seal

#20 Do We Look Alike?

#21 He’s A Rescue And When We Had His Dna Done, Were Astounded He Wasn’t Part Pug Part Grinch

#22 Tiny Baby Hippo

#23 It’s The Expressions For Me

#24 I Am Convinced I Have A Meerkat Not A Dachshund

#25 Oh, Bother!

#26 Brutus Is Slowly Looking More Like Clint Eastwood In His Old Age

#27 Baby Seal

#28 Looks Delicious

#29 My Girl Has This One Down

#30 And Her Name Is Charlie!

The End.