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‘Pixie And Brutus’ Fans Are Drawing Their Own Comics So The Adventures Don’t Stop (16 Pics)


The Pixie and Brutus comic series is so sincere that with every cute drawing it publishes, it manages to unite cat and dog lovers. What started out as a random animal friendship has grown into so much more and the Pixie and Brutus fans can’t get enough of it now. And they also started producing their own fanart comics in between the releases of the originals to fulfill their desire.Some of them are also very, really fine. So sweet, you probably wouldn’t have any questions if you saw them on an Instagram account with Pixie and Brutus.


Holly Foret, one of the fans who contributed, said that through their Instagram fan club, she found out about Pixie and Brutus. Holly told Bored Panda, “I love these comics because they’re the most wholesome characters ever,” “And it’s different from the other animal comics because Brutus is a retired veteran dog! With scars on the inside and out. Pixie brings back out that tender patient side of him”


And the entire comic revolves around the two main animals that are adorable. I mean, in the title, it is. A huge part of what makes them so good is their chemistry. Ben Hed thought it would be a funny idea to introduce a cute kitten to a big intimidating war dog when creating Pixie and Brutus.”Pixie is a small, joyful, energetic kitten,”

Brutus, on the other hand, is a big, scar-faced German Shepherd. He was adopted as a Military Working Dog by the owner of Pixie after retiring (MWD). Brutus is the exact opposite of Pixie, in many ways. He’s… seen stuff. He’s a very serious and intimidating military dog, but he’s got Pixie’s soft spot, and he does what he can to protect her from the harsh realities of the world around him.


On the Instagram survey page, another contributor, Kassandra from the United States, found Pixie and Brutus. “I thought they were adorable and since then I’m a huge fan! I even subscribe to the creator’s Patreon so I get to see extra funny comics!”

“I would just like to add that all of Benjamin’s characters are amazing, not just Pixie and Brutus. Randal the Raccoon is a favorite of mine! And to all the fan artists who contribute to the Pixie and Brutus comics, I’ve seen a lot of your stuff and you are all amazing artists as well!”



Another contributor, from Belarus, is Anastasia. Via Instagram’s discovery page, she also found out about the series. “I really love the comics because Pixie and Brutus are so incredibly cute and it’s a completely different spin on pet comics. Nothing I’ve seen before,” she said. Comics about Pixie and Brutus have a deeper meaning.