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The most hilarious and funny comics will make your day better and make it more beautiful


In this era of the internet and modernism, almost everyone is well aware of the concept of memes. Memes make up a big portion of today’s social media posting and sharing. Everybody who is connected to the internet, technology, or social media is directly connected with memes. We can say that memes, humor, and irony are interrelated. Nobody can deny the importance and value of humor in our daily life routine and our health. you may have heard that “Life needs humor.”

In this 21st century, a sense of humor is crucial for everybody. It can improve your leadership skills and makes you more attractive and unique in a crowd of tasteless people. It can also boost your physical and mental health. It might be a critical life hack. Some people are born with a marvelous sense of humor and some people acquire it over time. It may improve your skills in the understanding of different subjects. Even though according to recent researches, the demand for a sense of humor is emerging in this era. Everybody is looking for a life partner, having a good sense of humor. But what you think, can humor be taught?

Memes also cover an important part of our daily life doings and conversations. It is considered as an idea that spread through social media from person to person, depending upon their tastes. There are many types and aspects of memes. They may be ironic, critical, humorous, mocking, dank, and dark memes. The dank meme is any meme that has lost its worth, we can consider them as old memes.

In this comic, we have brought a collection of hilarious and delightful memes for you. One of the best and easy things that you can do for your health is being cool and funny. If you are suffering from depression in misery, memes are one of the free and best therapy for you. So, these most hilarious and funny comics will make your day better and make it more beautiful.

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1# Dramatic puppy

If you are a pet lover, you will surely love this meme. You can relate it to your pet puppy. That no matter what he does or says, you always encourage him and love him more.

2# Beep Beep

Our behaviors and appreciations have a deep and long-lasting effect on others. We must try to be kind and encouraging to everyone. Even a single word from you can change someone’s life entirely. So, meme explains us to try to be positive and nice with others.

3# Ideal microwave oven

We all have a child inside us, no matter how older we are. You don’t need to be sober and serious all the time. The need is only to bring it back to life sometimes.

4# Messy succulent cactus

This meme is hilarious. The cactus has now a taste of blood, now what you expect from it? To be a monster or a ghost?

5# No pain, no gain

Maybe you all are familiar with the phrase, “no pain, no gain.” Well, it is very true, to achieve our most crucial desire, we have to sacrifice something. We have to bear the pain for it. You shouldn’t just wait for the time to bring your craving to you. You must have to work for it, no matter how emotionally weak you are. 

6# You are worthy

Love and care for animals are natural. Every heart carries feelings. If you don’t love animals, we cannot say, which kind of human being you are. Animals have feelings, emotions, and desires, but the one thing they don’t have is language. They are not able to speak our language, it is up to us how we can interpret them, their desires and needs.

7# Timid mouse

Our morals and ethics define us. If you have a pure heart, you will have feelings of love and care for everyone, no matter if it’s an animal or a human. Your performances and deeds demonstrate kindness to others.

8# Mom is here

This meme shows the concern and unconditional love of our parents to us, especially moms. They always keep an eye on you, your activities, and your friends. But modern moms keep an eye on your phones, your watch, and browsing history. So, modern kids, need modern moms.

9# Ironic human body

This is not weird at all; we all feel like this sometimes.

10# All makes mistakes

This meme is epic. We know that everybody makes mistakes. If you are a human, you are meant to make mistakes. So, keep on learning and making mistakes.

11# Meow

Cats are the most loving pets. Almost every second person carries a cat as a pet. They are the most charming, lovely, and clever creatures. They follow their own rules. If you are a cat lover, this meme is especially for you.

12# Frustrating dual brain

Our mind always plays games with us. It always provokes you to work, whenever you are chilling. And when you are working, it provokes you to rest. You may have been in this situation many times. So, don’t worry you are not alone in this, we all are with you.

13# Flower blooming

This meme is comical for you, especially if you love gardening. Flowers can bloom anyplace they want. No matter what happens.

14# Your dept is here

This meme represents all of us. We all have been in this situation when we question ourselves that what is the purpose of living. We always ask ourselves, if our life is worth living or not. But in every situation, your debt remains constant.

15# Husband not allowed

If you are a wife, we dedicate this meme to you. This is the dilemma of everyone. We can understand why you don’t want to allow your husbands to mess with you in your afterlife. Well, this meme doesn’t need any explanation.

16# Branded ghosts

It is not always easy to enter the ghosts’ orientations. You have to be mischievous and clever for this job.

17# Maybe you are a bat

Every species owns some specific and special characteristics. Well, this is very true if you sleep for twenty hours, and spend the next three hours finding food, eating, and screaming.

18# Take me seriously

You should take mother nature utterly. Otherwise, you are in trouble.

19# Warm and cozy bed

This meme is for all the cozy bed sleepers. This always had happened with us, especially when we have a hectic and boring routine ahead. So, if you fall in the category of lethargic and indolent ones, you don’t need any explanation to understand this.

20# Please, kick me

We all have faced such dilemmas, when we are all tired of ourselves, our lives, and our bodies.

21# Take another chance

You need to try again if you are going to quit for your most important desire.

22# Nice jump dear

This meme is hysterical for all of us.

23# We can be friends

If you have such friends, you are lucky.

24# Choice is yours

Being friend and enemy, the choice is yours always.

25# B for bad

B doesn’t always stand for bad.

26# Interview get wrong

This is a hilarious meme for you if you have ever been to an interview.

27# Real friends

Real friends don’t leave in trouble.

28# Trouble signing

Read before you sign.

29# It’s over, snake

So, we can deal with our everyday tiring, hectic, and boring routine with a little dose of humor and memes. It helps a lot during our tough, rough, and challenging times. It serves as free therapy, especially when we have our health issues, job worries, and an awful day. It boosts positivity within us by removing all those bad and gloomy harsh memories. Sometimes, laughter is considered the best therapy for you in any despondent moment. It helps us survive in those unhappy and miserable moments by lowering our stress levels. It genuinely makes you feel happier.

The End.