The Same Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Comic ‘Good Boy’ Just Shared A New One With A Black Cat


Death has a sneaky way of taking us away. And while we can’t predict when or how we’ll leave this planet, we must accept the truth that it will happen. Artist Jenny Jinya drew a few melancholy comics to explore the possibilities of the afterlife, and they’re also rather moving.

The first is about a good youngster who died far sooner than expected, and the second is about an equally good lady whose black fur prevented many people from getting to know her.

Despite the fact that these cartoon drawings deal with a difficult subject, Jenny has managed to portray death as hopeful rather than tragic. And who knows, it might not be as horrible as we imagine.

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“Dozens of posters and infographics with varied data about abused or abandoned animals can be found.” Many people are aware of the issues, but such knowledge is soon forgotten,” Jenny told Bored Panda. “With my tragic paintings, I strive to give victims a voice.” I want the pets that have been affected to be able to tell their own tales. I’m hoping that by doing so, I’ll be able to raise awareness.”

“Who knows,” the artist answered, when asked if death is just a state or the start of a new adventure. I’m not the one to respond. But I prefer to view death as a person going about their business. People despise them for what they do, but someone has to do it at some point. Death, in my imagination, is a gentle and wise being.”

Here’s another similar comic that Jenny made earlier

“For all I know, we may be playing the world’s biggest MMORPG, but there’s no way of knowing,” Jenny said. “Now go cuddle your animal!”

People started relating to the first strip by sharing pictures of their black kitties

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