Artist Who’s Responsible For Making People Cry With ‘Good Boy’ And Black Cat Comics Just Released A Sequel


Death is something that any human being must accept that no one lives forever or for that long. It whisks us and our loved ones away in enigmatic and unknown ways.Artist Jenny Jinya has produced and published a few comics that are really touching as she comes to terms with it and further explores the possibility of the afterlife.

Jenny’s comics feature a good boy who died much earlier than you’d think, and another features a good lady whose black fur stopped many people from getting to know her.

Here’s the “Good Guy” comic that almost destroyed our lives. In it, a puppy is abandoned on the side of the road and is visited by death, who informs him that it is time for him to pass away.

This is the Black cat comic:

Here’s the original Black Cat comic in case you haven’t seen it

And here’s the sequel

Jenny’s Black cat comic quickly went viral after she posted it on social media. As a result, she wanted to make a follow-up.

Despite the fact that these works deal with a difficult subject, Jenny has found a way to portray death as optimistic rather than depressing. She also tries to change people’s minds about black cats. The colour of the fur doesn’t matter to her, and black cats are magnificent animals.

“There are hundreds of posters and infographics with different information about animals that have been neglected or abused. Many people are aware of the issues, but such knowledge is easily forgotten,” Jenny told . “Through my comics, I strive to give victims a voice.I want the animals who have been harmed to be able to share their own stories. I’m hoping that by doing so, I’ll be able to raise awareness.”

Fortunately, things are starting to turn around. Many people begin to adopt black cats because they believe the stigma associated with them would make it more difficult for them to find homes.

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People come to the shelter especially looking for black cats, she claims, because they believe the stigma surrounding them would make it more difficult for them to be adopted.

Furthermore, before taking home a new pet, most animal shelters require adopters to show documentation and complete an interview with a shelter employee.

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People really loved both of these strips