This Artist’s Comics Perfectly Capture All The Silly And Awkward Situations We Face Daily (30 Comics)


Credit: Ig-Pet foolery

Eirinske is a great comic writer. The best thing in his comic stories is that he involves daily life silly and awkward things in his writings. According to artist he started making the comics in his childhood. He started writing long comics after graduation. The famous comic of girl and the dog is awesome. Let’s check some of hilarious comics of Eirinske below;


In this comic the girl wanted to have a cup of coffee despite her friend was asking the girl to not drink it. But, she drunk it and you know what was in the cup? The others girl Dog medicine was in that cup.

Totally ridiculous by Eirinske.


The girl wanted to shampoo her hair. But as she was going to do that suddenly the girl came to know that she is having men’s shampoo in his hand.

That silly things can happen in life so be aware.


Blinking is a sign of affection of cats, the cats blinks to greet the person.


In this comic a CEO of a company support the customers by offering them to ask questions. And you know what a customer asks, what is q? The CEO replies Quokka?

That was hilarious by Eirinske.


The girl is depressed and is trying to convince herself that the people like her comics. But she doesn’t know the reality.


In this wonderful comic an angel asks the cat what she think will be fun? And cat wishes to burn the place down that will be great fun.

Eirinske knows the cat is not happy but the girl need to know.


The girl was laying down and the boy wanted to sit close to her. He just sit down pretending to take permission however the girl like the boy and holds his hand.

Eirinske cares the routine romance.


MANDOLARIAN a famous Disney Television series.


In this comic Eirinske explains the daily life awkward moment. The girl convince herself to go for jog but then changes the plan.

Eirinske is really smart in capturing silly moments.


One of my favorite comic. The kitty begs for food and her owner just shouts the girl to not feed her again as she as the cat is already been fed.  Cat was about to cash on the girl soft corner.


The cat was to ruin the carpet with the hack but the girl brings her hand between the cat and carpet.

Now the girl is crying on her dirty hands


The girl is so lonely and was questioning herself that why can’t she go on a date? The phone rings in and she picks up and someone took her as a subway worker. She threw the phone away as she was already depressed.


The girl is going to dream bad tonight because the his ex boy friend is gonna behave like his dad. How will she react?


Amazingly this time the girl deals herself smartly. She wanted to take a shower and confuses the mind by thinking that she will play game only after the shower. So, the mind will not alter this time.


The girl wanted to remove the cat eye goop. Instead she removes cat eye and then have to fix it again.



So, the girl is depressed again because tomorrow is her birthday and the COVID has ruin his plans. Now she is thinking that he can’t spend the birthday with his family.


The girl don’t like talking on the phone so you better burn in the fire because no-body is going to help you.


The police is not going to let the girl enjoy the sorbet. So, hands up and get ready to be punished.





There can be nothing more romantic than this. The girl was looking alike crying due to onions and the boy is now gonna eat them. So he is much possessive.








The girl always wanted a friend but when she got a chance she do not grabs it, instead she came to know the meaning at night what had happened with her in the day.

So, that’s all for now. Eirinske comics are the most interesting one and cannot be finished that much easily. However, we will meet in another Eirinske story how he start writing and what are his famous characters.

The End.