We Create Comics With Twisted Endings (3 New Stories)


We (writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan) started making short comics and uploading them to the internet a few years ago. Our comics have been read over 20 million times so far, and many people have an emotional reaction to them.

Working closely with someone to create a piece of art is always difficult, but it helps that we’ve known each other for far longer than we’ve been co-creators. There will always be differences of opinion, but we will talk things out so that we can see the other person’s point of view. When it comes to choosing a narrative for our horror comics, we always go with one that we both enjoy. That is how we maintain our enthusiasm for each new narrative.

The inspiration for these short horror stories comes from a variety of sources. Some seem to be fully formed. Some are inspired by dreams. Others are victims of nightmares. I know it’s time to put a concept into one of our dark cartoons when it burrows into my skull and refuses to leave.

The following are some of our most recent projects. The three of them are, in some ways, fairy tales: a jazz singer who makes it rain when she sings, a mysterious tattoo artist who will give you a tattoo that will transform your life, and an elderly gentleman who may or may not have a time machine in the guest bedroom. These scary stories, like children, are incredibly diverse from one another, but we all adore them equally. We can’t wait for them to join their brothers and sisters in compiling the book.

We sincerely hope you enjoy them. Check out our comic collection, which is now available on Kickstarter if you appreciate our unique concepts.

More info: kck.st

The Tattoo Artist

Ehud: When it comes to writing, it all starts with a jumble of scribbled notes. Then I use FINAL DRAFT, a screenwriting application, to convert them into a script

Stormy Weather

Ehud: I’m inspired by a lot of people. But, if I had to trace the genetic code of our comics, Neil Gaiman, Guillermo Del Toro, and Junji Ito would be the most influential figures. Creators who can find beautiful, wonderful, and horrifying things in the most mundane of situations.

Yael: I don’t think there’s a single illustrator I don’t follow on social media. I enjoy seeing individuals create amazing works of art. Claire Hummel, Miki Montlló, and J.A.W. Cooper are three of my main influences.

Kurzweil’s Time Machine

The book is a deluxe Hardcover collection of all 15 comics stories we’ve developed in the last three years. We went to great lengths to make it the most gorgeous book possible. Our terrifying pictures have received a lot of positive feedback from Bored Panda users. We want to create a book that people will like holding.

For us, this is only the beginning. We have a number of stories we want to tell, some of which are brief and others of which are pretty epic. For both of us, making these comics is the most creatively rewarding thing we’ve ever done. We’d be content to spend the rest of our lives making them.