What Would Happen If A Werewolf Was Dating A Zombie


Being in love isn’t restricted to humans only, anyone can fall in love. It might be an animal, a
monster, alien, a vampire, a werewolf, or a zombie. But for these creatures, one might get into
some trouble.
Have you ever imagined, what would happen if a werewolf fell in love with a zombie? Well,
probably you should not have. Because they don’t have enough time or brain to think about it.
But if a werewolf starts dating a zombie, it might be fun!
A werewolf is fluffy, pretty handsome, and is human most of the time. But a zombie will always
be a zombie. A werewolf can be a wolf some of the time, having long fingers and nails, sheds
everywhere, track dirt all over the home, and most importantly will eat humans when in the
wolf form. But still, a zombie will always be a zombie. Let’s see what would happen if a
werewolf was dating a zombie:

1# Found a zombie

It’s hot, bright, and sunny. The beach is probably at the bottom of a cliff, one can see that aqua
blue ocean, with white foams and the waves crashing against the shores. The dazzling sunlight
is making the sand granules like a thousand tiny jewels. This is the perfect weather for humans
but we have a werewolf, there might be a little trouble.
So, a beach is full and the werewolf is in human form, with his toes cuddling in the pale golden
sand. The other beachgoers are playing football, volleyball, and building sandcastles.
When the werewolf came across the sandcastle, he saw a hand buried inside the sand. When
the hand began to move, the werewolf was shocked. He saw a zombie, getting out of the sand.
She was a little rotten corpse. Bleeding from everywhere, with a foul smell, really slow creature.
But the werewolf found her charismatic. Or what can we expect from a werewolf?

2# Foul smell

Taking her home. But he might be in problem on the way back home. Of course, it is not an
obvious thing for humans to see zombies daily or to live among them. Everybody except him
was irritated by her foul smell.

3# Hot Summer

Hot summer is this. Trying to stay calm at home, enjoying the cool air, the zombie relaxed. The
little zombie is smart enough to take the advantage of her gross dead body. After all, she has
infinite stamina. So, why is she left-handed? Because her right hand is under the big teeth of
the werewolf.

4# Emotional issues

5# Vanished

It couldn’t be normal for a werewolf to live with a zombie peacefully. She always brings
molestation, but it is lovely to see the concern and care of the werewolf about her. Werewolf
not only has super strength, speed, and healing powers but also emotions.

6# Always Helping

A werewolf can maintain normal business as usual, until the full moon. Well, there are always
shortcomings with everything. She’s always helping despite being wicked all the time. Wouldn’t
it be amazing to get pounded by a strong, hulking beast?

7# Craze for camera

His speed would be incredible, during protecting her, and other duties. But don’t underestimate
zombies. She’s not a photographer, but she can picture them together.

8# See-Saw out of control

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one would have ever
been seen this pair of marvelous creatures. Enjoying together, but how it could be normal.
Again got into trouble, with see-saw out of control. Broken bones ripped limbs, and bleeding

9# Attraction to Cat

There is always been a relation between a dog and a cat. He always had the instincts to prey
upon the cats. But in this case, he had to maintain his reputation in front of her girlfriend. Love
is patient, kind, and can also be pretty funny. What if the werewolf says “Are you a cat?
because I’m feline a connection between us.” It would be hilarious, don’t you think?

10# Bones trouble

A zombie is a rotting husk of a dead human, driven only by hunger. But not in every case. She is
a little ribald and adventurous too. But the werewolf can also be unpredictable and frankly with
super strengths and super speed.

11# Blame

Werewolves are utterly normal people aside from their monthly moonlight spells. Can put the
normal world in trouble with their weird acts. And the only holiday do zombies celebrate each
year would only be the day of the apocalypse. No trouble, no blames!

12# Hissing Autograph

Zombies do not feel pain, nor do they respond to threats or protests to incite fear and crowd
dispersion. So, how she could be afraid of nasty celebrities. But it’s really good that snakes and
dogs don’t interbreed. Nobody wants a loyal snake.

13# Offering Heart

This would be overwhelming if one of them says “Let’s commit the perfect crime together. I’ll
steal your heart and you can steal mine”. Nobody would have even heard of such creature love
and feelings. But after seeing her favorite celebrity, she might think if she were a transplant
surgeon, she would give her heart passionately.

14# Full Moon

Being a werewolf seems to be the particular part of being a human and being a wolf
combined. He still has to put up with human society, except once a month. When he goes
through a strange transformation and becomes a hunter, against his will. She can be in
danger if she’s anywhere. She can’t be out in the wilderness or otherwise locked away
somewhere safe.

15# I’m not Short

A zombie can never be a comedian because the alive don’t think zombies are funny! But she
always makes fun of it, but not entertaining every time. She can easily pull her head off, and
that’s not an apparent thing for the living ones.

16# Fire fear

As zombies have no intelligence, and so they can be easily lured into traps.
Traditionally, zombies cannot move very fast due to their decayed state and complete lack of
coordination, making it relatively easy to outrun them or navigate through them. Some are
afraid of fire, but this is not going to happen in that case. As soon as the werewolf is with her.

17# Adventures Mails

Being the weird werewolf is not always easy. A half-man and a half-wolf. But it might bring
some adventures like the fast mails though.

18# Sleigh trouble

While being on dating, they can at least try to be normal. And yes, they tried. But she always
brings some trouble for him, but that’s not that offensive. You can call a bite from a cold
zombie, frostbite!
As the zombie fell apart from the sleigh; the zombie might think, I must be a snowflake because
I’ve fallen for him.

19# Beach Craze

Like asthma, she always takes his breath away. She was a sweet potato to him. And he always
thought, it could be amazing if she looks at him, just like she looks at the brains to eat. Just like
socks, they made a great pair.

20# Ripped body

She has a ripped body, so, never felt any pain after being turned into a zombie. Anybody can
take her part away, without letting her know. So, not only he takes care of her rotten body, but
also makes fun of it.