When a Kitten is smaller than a Leaf


BY: Ben Hed/Pet Foolery

Almost everybody in this world has the virtue of love or being loved. Some people are so attractive or appealing that everybody loves them at very first sight. And same happens with the animals, that we fell in love with them at first sight. This virtue is not only valid for humans but also animals. Sometimes, animals fell in love with humans too. But more precisely, we can say that every living thing in this universe possesses the assets of love and kindness. Sometimes, it’s the love between humans and sometimes between animals. This comic shows the love and affection between a little cat and a big dog.

You may all are well familiar with our most eminent and loving characters, Pixie and Brutus. Pixie is a little, naughty, vigorous, and innocent cat and Brutus is a big, vicious, muscular, and kind military dog. Pixie is the one who always brought trouble and Brutus always fixes it. Being an animal lover, you may understand their love way better than anybody else.

Some people say that the dogs and the cats cannot live peacefully together in the same house. Well, this is not true. Of course, you can have a pet dog and cat at the same time, in the same house, just like Pixie and Brutus. They will not only tolerate each other but also love each other like a family. All you need is good training and caring.

Both cats and dogs are two different species, but they can still be friends and develop feelings of love. They can still manage to care for and helping each other, like Pixie and Brutus. Cats always love to have their territory; they don’t tolerate any threat to it. So, don’t let them feel that way if you own a dog, with a cat in your home.

In this comic, you are going to see the friendliest relation between Pixie and Brutus. This time, Pixie owns a small wooden house with two whole windows on the wall. She has a big fancy decorating leaf in the abode as well. She is so excited about her new abode and explains to Brutus about her feelings, and invites him in. But Brutus is too big to enter. So, let’s see what will happen when a kitten is smaller than a leaf.

1# Pixie’s Humble Abode

Little Pixie is always ready to play. But Brutus is temperate and sober. He cares for Pixie, but he’s also always afraid for her at the same time. He always tries to teach Pixie about how to save herself from harsh and unfavorable conditions. But Pixie, being little and vicious always puts her all efforts on new adventures every day. Their relationship is so ideal and perfect for our pets. In this comic, you can the excitant of little Pixie on getting a little warm Abode for herself. She is so young that she couldn’t even speak words. She is expressing her feeling about her abode to Brutus. Brutus is listening to her all ears. He is so overwhelmed seeing his little friend happy. Pixie got a small wooden Abode for her. It has a small hole on one wall as an entry. This hole is large enough for Pixie to pass through it. But it is too small for Brutus. But in her all anticipation the little, innocent Pixie welcomes Brutus in her small humble abode. 

2# Windows in Abode

Sometimes, the combination of a very young and big animal is potentially risky. But this is not always dangerous. You can see Pixie and Brutus have developed feelings of love and care for each other, though Pixie is too young and Brutus is too big. They have been bound together. Pixie is so cute and lovely that anybody can fell in love with her at very first sight. And same happened with Brutus. Pixie is so enthusiastic and excited about her new little abode. She is presenting her home to Brutus with her large shiny blue eyes. She is expressing every feature of her house to Brutus, who is hearing her peacefully. Pixie is telling him that she got not only one, but two whole windows in her house. As you can check her eagerness in her big eyes. Brutus knows that there is no concept of two windows on the same wall in the house, especially when only one person lives in it. But he is bragging about her abode.

3# A big Leaf

Pixie is bigheaded about her new little home. She is just trying to express her feelings to her friend Brutus. Brutus is listening to her wholeheartedly. She is telling him that she has also gotten some house decorating items as well. She is too happy to see these items. She is planning to decorate her small gorgeous abode to live livelily. She has an attachment pin for ornamental purposes and a big fancy leaf. The leaf is no doubt bigger than Pixie. And Brutus is laughing at it.Brutus is encouraging Pixie to decorate her house according to her will. He is more than happy to see Pixie glad. Brutus told her that these fancy decorative items can breathe life into her little abode. And Pixie is whole contended for her house. It seems like at this moment her joys knew no bounds.

4# Edible double mattress

Pixie is telling everything Brutus about her new home. Now, she is sitting excitedly on her double mattress and bragging Brutus about it. She is so vigorous and innocent with large blue eyes and a tiny mind that she doesn’t realize that these are not mattresses but edible loaves of bread. Brutus knows very well that these are not mattresses. But he is playing dumb with her little friend, Pixie. He didn’t let her know that these are edible slices of bread instead of mattresses.

This all behavior of Brutus shows his unconditional love and care for Pixie. But Pixie is too young to feel it or realize it.  Brutus has always been kind and humble to her. But Pixie always brought trouble for herself and Brutus as well. Brutus never had any choice but to save little Pixie from getting into trouble.

5# Invited Brutus to Abode

Now the little Pixie is inviting Brutus inside her little home excitedly. She does not realize that she is too young and her friend, Brutus, is too big. She thinks of only one thing, that is love for Brutus, her one and only big friend. Brutus had never hurt her feelings, neither will he hurt her in the future. No matter, Pixie has almost always frustrated Brutus or sometimes irritated him, but Brutus loves her either way.

6# Pixie, I’m too big

Brutus knew that Pixie’s new home is too small for him. But still, he listened to her heartedly. He never wanted to fade the excitement of the little Pixie, so he just said that her new abode is too big for him. And the little Pixie got overexcited. So, she asked him to come into her home. Besides he knew that he couldn’t be able to get in, he still tried just for her. And then they both laughed at each other.There always exists a universal language of kindness in every creature. They interpret the needs and desires of others. They have a humble and pure heart. But sometimes we go far away from our realities that we forget the way back. There exists love in every heart. Not only for our family but also for our friends and unknown ones. The same relation of love and care you can see between Pixie and Brutus. No doubt, they belong to two different species of animals, but the love between them is pure and rare.


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