Woman Wanted To Get A Cat And Feed It Vegan Dry Food, Roommate Passes That On To The Shelter Worker And They Decline Her Application


It’s common knowledge that having a pet improves your life tremendously. It is, of course, a significant responsibility, and one should always prepare ahead to ensure that they will be able to provide the animal with the life they deserve. It’s similar to caring for a child in that your complete attention is no longer focused on yourself, and you’re now responsible for keeping someone alive and happy.

Because their nutrition, diets, and daily activity routines may differ, some pets require a little more attention than others. Furthermore, it is the owner’s responsibility to understand their pet’s needs and to comply with them, even if they conflict with their personal ideas.

This Redditor, on the other hand, told a story about their vegan roommate and her ambitious ambition to acquire a kitten and feed it a plant-based diet. The post gained approximately 18K upvotes and over 2K comments, generating a lively debate about the gravity of the situation.

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Cats don’t do well on a vegan diet, but some people seem to think otherwise

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When she discovered her roommate lying, the OP decided to take it to one of Reddit’s groups to see if she was wrong for getting in the way of her roommate and the animal shelter employee.

Woman secretly wants to feed her cat vegan dry food but her roommate reveals the truth to the shelter employee

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The woman began by stating that she has a vegan roommate who was actively considering adopting a cat. The OP’s roommate bought everything a cat could possible require before going to the shelter. The OP was surprised when the food arrived because it turned out to be a plant-based dry food.

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The OP attempted to persuade the potential pet owner that feeding a cat plant-based food, even if it is labeled as such, is not a good idea. Furthermore, a diet consisting mostly of dry foods may result in a variety of health problems. Unfortunately, the roommate refused to listen and claimed that everything would be great.

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The OP gave up the argument and drove her roommate to a shelter for animals. Naturally, the staffer began to inquire about the women’s living situation and whether they had any additional pets. When it came to dietary questions, the OP’s roommate outright lied, claiming that she would be feeding Hills to her possible cat.

The OP couldn’t believe it, so she waited until her roommate’s attention was diverted elsewhere before informing the employee of her vegan diet plan. When the OP decided to disclose the truth about the application, her roommate locked herself in her room.

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Until something suspicious happened, the roommate continued to apply the silent treatment on the OP, and even received some criticism from a mutual acquaintance.

The OP revised her post to inform fellow Redditors that her roommate had been suddenly absent, but it turned out that she had been busy purchasing a cat from someone. The woman later stated that she intends to feed the cat separately because she already has a dog and that she will approach her veterinarian to persuade her roommate to change her thinking about the benefits of feeding the cat meat.

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Bored Panda contacted the author and requested that she provide us with some further details about the story:

The cat that the OP’s roommate bought turned out to be a flea-infested 10-week-old kitten. The women immediately brought the pet to the veterinarian, where he is currently being treated for severe dehydration and an infection. The kitty is also getting neutered, according to the OP, and he’ll be back home tomorrow.

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We also asked the woman if there was any advice she would provide to those who plan to feed their pets a vegan diet. She stated that the most important thing is to keep in frequent communication with your veterinarian. Regular check-ups are required, sometimes as often as every other month, to ensure that the pet is healthy, as giving a vegan diet to a carnivore is not easy, nor should it be.

Before getting an animal, the OP also highlighted how important it is to investigate the species/breed. It’s also crucial to consider whether you can provide the animal with the nutrition it need. If you can’t, there are plenty of alternative pets that would be more appropriate for you and just as entertaining.

Fellow Redditors supported the OP’s decision